Experts have said that nearly half of all new businesses fail within the first few years. Ineffective marketing and poor branding is commonly traced back to this failure. Without a professional and attractive image it is near impossible to stand out in any field amongst other competitors who may have enlisted the talents of a professional graphic design company.

A common mistake the new business owner will make is waiting until they are “established” to have a logo made, or focus on properly branding their company. And let’s face the facts, not everyone is a graphic artist, nor do they have an eye for what looks good. This presents a problem when this new business owner decides to finally hire a professional designer to help them brand their company;  the owner is now faced with an identity crisis. He has been handing out business cards with the old logo, and is now going to be passing around cards with a much more effective and professional logo, confusing current customers and other possible clients who will now wonder if there has been a change to ownership, or if it is a new company altogether.

Don’t look unprofessional, or even sloppy.  Take the time to properly set up your business, in all aspects. After all, if you don’t take your company and brand seriously, why should any one else? I certainly wouldn’t trust someone to come into my house if they presented themselves as an unpolished, fly-by-night, unqualified company.  Image is extremely important, and directly influences your word-of-mouth advertising.  Be professional, look professional!  Let our professional design team at get you on the fast track to success.





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