Not Advertising? Not a Problem!

Vehicle wraps and graphics are not always for advertising purposes.  Some of our clients simply want to make their vehicles unique, and stand out when parked next to the same make and model at the local mall or car show. Matte black and matte white do tend to be the hottest trend available right now, but we at are not limited by any one color, be it solid, or maybe even a camouflage or textured background (for example). 


Wrap vs. Paint

Why would I wrap my car and not have it painted?  There are some definite benefits to wrapping over painting, and here are a few:
•    Down time:  Most wraps are installed in only 1 day, professionally applied paint jobs typically require 2-5 weeks of down time.
•    Cost:  Matte wrap vehicle graphics are considerably less costly than a comparable professionally applied matte paint job.
•    Protection: Vehicle wraps professionally applied by our staff at effectively protect your OEM paint and are 100% removable.
•    Make that car look brand new:  Our matte and gloss wraps cover up all those hideous swirls and surface scratches, giving your vehicle that new car look.  Damage a wrapped fender, or any other body panel, and we  at can simply remove and re-wrap that one panel and get you back on the road in style.
•    Resale: When you custom paint your vehicle, you immediately limit who you can sale your car to when you want to get something new.  With a vehicle wrap, you simply remove the wrap, 99.9% of the time without any damage to the factory paint, and are able to sale that vehicle to the mass public more easily.
•    Lifespan:  When properly cared for, wraps may outlast even the best paint jobs.  We recommend waxing your wraps to prolong it’s life, and even have customers who buff their wraps to bring out that gloss.
•    Choices: Like paint, most colors are an option, for either matte finish, or gloss.  However, unlike paint, we at are able to print any texture, or background image you may desire, without the insanely expensive cost of a professional airbrush artist to personalize your paint job. 

Blackout kits


Tired of the chrome trim and accents on your new car? We can take care of those with our Blackout Kit! Window Trim, roof racks, running boards, door handles, bumpers, pillars and more. Give us a call or email inquiry to see exactly what options are available for your vehicle. 

3m 1080 Digital Color Chart-01.jpg

YOU Get what you pay for

Here at 1DayWraps, we are strong believers in the phrase, "You get what you pay for."

Don't be fooled by shops giving out insanely cheap quotes. Chances are they aren't using 3M™ Vinyls. The absolute best in quality. You can expect your wrap to last 3-5 years with our quality materials under proper care and maintenance.

This Vehicle, (shown to the left) was brought to us for a removal/ rewrap. We found patches, jagged cuts, and numerous problem areas. 

Do it right the first time. Save time and money with 1DayWraps!

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