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What is a partial vehicle wrap? 
A partial wrap at is anything digitally printed less than a full wrap. For example, on pickup trucks the most common partial wrap is all the way down the side of the truck, below the windows, and includes the tailgate. 

These types of wraps offer a more affordable solution to those customers who may not have it in their budget to do a full wrap, or maybe have multiple vehicles in their fleet that they wish do have vehicle graphics put on for advertising. There are endless possibilities and options for partial wraps, and each clients needs may be unique. In most cases we at can integrate the color of the vehicle into the actual wrap to give the partial wrap the effect of being a complete wrap. 

Partial wraps are equally effective and just as attractive as full wraps when our professional artists and installers are working on your project. Vehicle Wraps Murrieta

Spot Graphics Examples

What is a full vehicle wrap? 
At a full wrap in most cases includes both sides, the hood, and the rear of any vehicle. If warranted, all applicable and necessary windows will be wrapped in a see through perforated window film.  Customers always have the option of adding the roof, bumpers, and mirrors if not already included in the wrap. Full wraps do tend to be the most effective advertising option when it comes to vehicle graphics.

Full Wrap Examples

Partial Wrap Examples

What are spot graphics? 
Spot graphics are the most affordable solution to advertising on your vehicle or fleet of vehicles.  Effective and simple, strategically placed logos, phone numbers, and descriptive verbiage itemizing your companies services will still successfully convey what you are trying to get across to the end-user.

Most spot graphics jobs start as low as $100 and end up being less than $1000. 

With the professional staff at, we will ensure successful placement of your graphics in order to successfully get the attention of your target demographic, on time, and on budget!


Local Advertising Methods

Mobile advertising is the fastest growing form of advertising. There is no denying that fleet graphics offer the best cost per impression value due to the exposure they receive daily. With an average lifespan of 3-5 years, your graphic will be constantly exposed to potentially tens of thousands of people per day, depending on area. Keep in mind that these impressions are most likely individuals who are not out of your territory, or beyond your market, but are people who can access your services due to their close proximity to your business location. However, if you commute, you may be capable of capturing the attention of a much greater span of attention from multiple cities, and in some cases, even states.

On average, the U.S. population spends two hours per day on the road, and what are they noticing, the vehicles changing lanes next to them, stopped at the red light, or simply driving alongside them. Don’t miss the opportunity to reach out to these people. Consumers are bombarded by advertising everywhere they turn, and are desensitized to traditional media. Creative marketing is needed to maximize your advertising and branding budget. With today’s fuel prices on the rise, deferring your costs in any way can help your bottom line. Mobile advertising costs only a fraction of TV, radio, print, or even conventional billboards.

How does the wrap process work?
We will supply you with a final art design of your wrap electronically. Upon approval of  design we will go to print for your vehicle wrap. Typical turnaround time, upon approval of artwork / design, is less than two weeks.

Actual installation of most standard sized vehicle wraps is 1 day. We require that clients vehicles be thoroughly washed (not waxed) prior to installation.

The experienced and professional staff at can take your project from concept through installation, allowing you to focus on other facets of your business. There is absolutely no better way of professionally and effectively stating who you are and what type of services you offer. Vehicle wraps allow you to directly and cost effectively target your consumer market.


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