Located in the heart of the Off-road Motorsports Industry, 1DayWraps is no stranger to trophy trucks, buggies, and all the various UTVs. From professional racers to the weekend warrior, we have wrapped hundreds of off-road vehicles to meet the creative needs of the clients, as well as filling various sponsorship requirements. 

     Our material is extremely durable thanks to 3M™ Adhesives and Laminates. We don't usually see problems from racing or desert driving. The wrap will last as long as the body panels they sit on. As long as you keep it on all four wheels your wrap is good to go. Should you happen to damage your wrap on only one panel or piece, you can always order a replacement. We save all files to ensure your project can be recreated or mass produced for those long trips. 

Need some inspiration?

Have a look at a few of our pre-designed kits below. Colors can be changed, logos and race numbers can be added.

(Designs are all transferrable to 4 seater configurations.)

ALL 50 BANNER-01.jpg


     A team member will contact you shortly after your inquiry is submitted. They will be able to answer any pricing, timeline, or design questions for you! We appreciate your interest in our business and look forward to servicing your creative needs. 

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